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The expectation for excellent customer service has never been greater.

This is especially true for luxury brands and high-end products when customers expect that the red carpet will be rolled out for them.

Voice delivers personal shopper experience

When you empower your teams with Voice, each of your customers can start enjoying the “personal shopper” attention they deserve.

As a result, they spend more, feel more confident in their purchasing decisions and thus become repeat customers.

67% of customers say that they are aware of the lack of brand or product knowledge in a retail location.

In addition, 40% of customers say they search for answers to their questions online specifically to avoid interacting with poorly-informed staff.

Voice creates your in-store experts

Voice creates in-store experts with the information they need to help customers, inspiring and encouraging more confident interaction.

When you put your brand story in their hands, you give your team the confidence boost needed to provide the best customer service possible.

Voice brings your global campaigns to stores

Activate and roll-out your global brand and product campaigns, with a push of a button.

With a stroke of a key, a new level of brand campaign consistency can be delivered at the right time, every time and to each of your stores around the world.

Voice listens to your customers and amplifies your growth

With easy-to-understand data analytics, Voice allows you to implement changes and improvements backed-up by real-time information. In addition, your store teams can easily capture and share customer feedback.

Voice makes
your life easier

Voice helps to eliminate company-wide email updates on brand initiatives. It also reduces the number of printed materials you need to share in retail locations. This lessens your environmental impact while also reducing costs and saving resources by eliminating the printing and distribution of countless resources.

Main Features

Give your brand a Voice.

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