The easy way
to tell your
brand stories,

Intuitive digital platform for flawless customer experience.

What is Voice? is an intuitive digital platform developed to enhance the customer shopping experience in-store.

It delivers perfectly crafted, multimedia brand and product content directly to your store associates - wherever in the world they may be.

Now all your customers can enjoy the ‘personal shopper’ experience creates in-store experts, inspiring and encouraging more confident interaction with customers, through timely product updates and engaging brand narratives.

Activate and roll-out your global brand and product campaigns, with a push of a button

With a stroke of a key, a new level of brand campaign consistency can be delivered at the right time, every time and to each of your stores around the world.

All product information and digital assets are updated in one, simplified process. Everything is immediately available in Voice’s central hub, ready to go when you are.

Voice helps your brand with:

On-brand messaging every time

Configuration of Voice based on your specific brand and marketing requirements.

Central hub global control

Remote content management with platform and content updates, both online & offline.

Perfectly tailored design & content

Design of UX templates based on your brand identity guidelines.

Engaging brand narratives

Unique storytelling the way it merges meaning and emotions.

It’s your brand story, tell it well in-store.

Whether you’re a brand manager, marketing manager or digital agency you probably worry about whether your store representatives will be able to present your brand in-store correctly or not.
Well, fret no more, because Voice is here to save the day!

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